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Bond Granted for Dangerous Predator Due to DA Error

State v. Gerald Fleming

As part of an investigation by GBI, Gerald Fleming of Watkinsville, Georgia was arrested for 10 counts of sexual exploitation of children on Nov. 7, 2023. The GBI conducted a search at Fleming’s residence in Oconee County and located evidence that he possessed and distributed child sexual abuse material.

His request for bond was DENIED by the Magistrate Court at the time of arrest and then again by the Superior Court on December 21, 2023 due to significant threat or danger to the community and risk of re-offending. As set forth in O.C.G.A. 17-7-50, Georgia law requires District Attorneys to indict a defendant who was denied bond within 90 days. Failure to do so results in the Defendant being guaranteed a reasonable bond.  

As a result, an experienced District Attorney will take appropriate action to ensure that all pending cases for incarcerated defendants are timely presented to the Grand Jury to avoid dangerous criminals being released on bond.  Mr. Fleming also has a significant history of committing felonies throughout his lifetime. In addition to numerous charges in Georgia, Mr. Fleming was sentenced to serve life in prison related to a kidnapping incident in Elmore County, Idaho. At the time he was arrested in Oconee County, he was on parole from the State of Idaho.  

On March 24, 2024, Mr. Flemming was granted a bond due to the failure of DA Gonzalez to obtain an indictment against Mr. Fleming. Based on the applicable law, the presiding judge was required to grant a “reasonable bond” to Mr. Fleming due to the failure of DA Gonzalez to seek the indictment.  Given the history of Mr. Fleming’s conduct, the presiding judge granted a reasonable bond that includes house arrest and significant pre-trial monitoring.

Due to the dangerous risks created by our inexperienced District Attorney in failing to timely obtain the indictment, Mr. Fleming is now going to be released from jail and placed on an ankle monitor as a condition of bond. Unfortunately, the State of Idaho has not pursued the parole revocation. However, citizens of Oconee County should not be dependent upon state officials in Idaho doing their job to keep us safe when our District Attorney took an oath to do her job and prosecute criminals.

To protect our community, we need a District Attorney who is capable and willing to hold criminals accountable.

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