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Justice Denied… Homicide by Vehicle (The story of the victim’s mother)

Knox Whiten, of Toccoa, Georgia, was struck and killed by Virkarria Lacole Steward in March 21, 2021 in Athens. Knox was a student at UGA, but killed due to the negligent driving of Ms. Steward. In an effort to cover up her crime, Ms. Steward coordinated with her mother and step-father to set her car on fire in Jackson County in hopes that her crimes would not be uncovered.

Throughout the failed efforts to prosecute the case, the District Attorney’s Office failed to timely obtain an indictment which resulted in the Court being obligated to issue Ms. Steward a bond. While out on bond, she got pregnant due to the neglect of the DA’s office.

She eventually plead guilty to Homicide by Vehicle, Hit and Run, Driving While License Suspended, and False Report of a Crime on September 9, 2022. The District Attorney’s Office then agreed to a plea deal with the defense attorney allowing Ms. Steward to only receive 7 years confinement with an additional 10 years of probation. Shockingly, Ms. Steward was awarded first offender status which may allow her to have this case removed from her criminal records erasing her accountability for taking the life of Knox.

While the plea was better than a Not Guilty or a dismissal, the victim’s mother had a lot to say about the process of coordinating with the District Attorney’s Office. One comment from Knox’s mother says it all…. “I honestly had no trust in the DA’s office to represent my family in a trial”.

And she closes her statement with the following: “It is time for some real change in Athens and it starts with the DA’s office. I honestly will say that as dangerous as Athens has gotten, I would not feel safe with my child at UGA right now. It is time for a DA that is there for the law-abiding citizens and not just for the criminals. They commit crimes knowing they will be right back out on the streets. All we can pray for is that our story can help towards making a change”.

Entire statement from Knox’s Mother:



Bond Issue Due to Neglect of DA’s Office

Felony Sentence

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