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Athens Banner Herald

02-27-2024 – Athens DA Gonzalez assigns special prosecutor Sheila Ross to handle Laken Riley murder case

02-26-2024 – Gov. Brian Kemp questions Athens DA on her ability to prosecute accused killer of Laken Riley

11-08-2023 – Athens woman testified how she was left in dark in vehicular homicide case

11-07-2023 – Judge rules DA’s office violated Marsy’s Law in vehicular homicide case

08-18-2023 – Two Marsy’s Law complaints filed against Western Circuit District Attorney

08-09-2023 – Madison County man sentenced to prison in child molestation case after judge rejects deal

07-13-2023 – We take it very seriously’: Assistant DA in Athens cited for contempt of court

07-10-2023 – Judge denies contempt motion filed against District Attorney Gonzalez in Athens case

07-03-2023 – Judge to make decision on contempt motion against district attorney in Athens

06-28-2023 – District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez withdraws written policies; cites disputes in lawsuits

06-20-2023 – Rape dismissal reversed as Athens man now faces trial on felony charges

06-14-2023 – DA seeks to vacate dismissal of rape charge against Athens man

06-09-2023 – DA Gonzalez remains under fire as lawyer seeks contempt order

06-02-2023 – Lawyer files motion seeking discovery in case against DA Gonzalez

05-24-2023 – DA Deborah Gonzalez offers apology; Athens police seek warrants in Marsy’s law case

05-19-2023 – Western Circuit DA faces uncertain consequences in victim’s rights violation

05-17-2023 – Rape victim’s mother seeks to force Athens DA’s Office to recuse itself in another trial

05-16-2023 – DA Gonzalez confesses to judgment, then appeals to Supreme Court

05-10-2023 – Judge denies motion to dismiss civil case against DA in Athens

04-10-2023 – Georgia’s oversight commission for prosecutors bill explained, how the Athens DA fits in

Oconee Enterprise

09-27-2023 – DA accuses judge of bullying ADA who then resigned

07-26-2023 – Former ADA offers insights

07-12-2023 – Judge denies motion for contempt against DA Gonzalez and allows child molestation case to be prosecuted

06-30-2023 – Judge mulls whether DA Gonzalez should be held in contempt

06-21-2023 – Judge vacates rape dismissal

05-10-2023 – Judge denies Gonzalez’s motion to dismiss lawsuit

02-15-2023 – Nearby judicial circuits don’t have ADA shortage as significant as the Western Judicial Circuit

02-08-2023 – Gaines champion legislation aimed at Athens-Oconee District Attorney

01-12-2022 – District Attorney apologizes


02-27-2024 – Spotlight on staffing woes as Athens DA prepares to handle Laken Riley’s murder case

02-27-2024 – Laken Riley murder case latest | Athens DA taps ‘top trial attorney’ to aid prosecution

01-15-2024 – Athens DA insists criticism against her office is all about politics, not public safety

07-07-2023 – Athens DA dismissed a rape case, citing lack of evidence. A judge decided to bring it back

06-27-2023 – Embattled Athens DA pushes to increase staff pay to fix problems

06-15-2023 – Athens DA receives criticism for handling of woman’s rape case

06-09-2023 – Lawsuit: Arrest warrant sought for Athens DA after she allegedly ordered employee to delete records

06-07-2023 – ‘We just wanted to have our day in court’ | Victim’s mom urges judge to reindict father accused of raping 14-year-old daughter

05-18-2023 – Victims ask parole board to do what Athens DA’s office did not – keep sexual predator behind bars for life

05-13-2023 – ‘Absolute disgust’ | Police, victims, and judges express concern with how Athens DA does her job

05-09-2023 – Update: Judge doesn’t dismiss lawsuit against Athens DA

03-29-2023 – ‘It’s in crisis’ Embattled Athens DA faces staffing woes, lawsuit

03-28-2023 – What is causing turmoil in the Athens DA office?

03-13-2023 – ‘Absolute disgust’ – Police, victims, and judges express concern with how Athens DA does her job

07-20-2021 – Are prosecutors in Georgia cherry picking the laws they enforce?

Classic City News

02-27-2024 – Athens DA bringing in special prosecutor for UGA murder case

02-29-2024 – Jury convicts Athens child rapist in case sidetracked by Marsy’s Law violation

10-02-2023 – Blindly Supporting Gonzalez Makes Us No Better Than Trumpers

09-27-2023 – DA Gonzalez takes issue with CCN’s use of public document

09-26-2023 – Judge rebukes Athens DA blaming him for prosecutor resignation

05-25-2023 – Attorney says Athens DA’s junket played role in child rape case Marsy’s Law violation

05-09-2023 – Judge refuses to dismiss civil action seeking to compel D.A. Gonzalez to enforce state laws

04-05-2023 – DA Gonzalez and Shakespeare

03-13-2023 – Petition seeks judicial order for D.A. Gonzalez to ‘Do her job’

03-14-2023 – DA Gonzalez says she is under attack by conservatives

02-01-2023 – DA’s Office rebuts story about staffing crisis

University of Georgia – WUGA

09-29-2023 – DA Gonzalez releases statement on court exchange

06-27-2023 – DA Deborah Gonzalez Withdraws Memorandums

06-16-2023 – DA Gonzalez fires back against critics

06-16-2023 – DA fires back on open records allegations

05-25-2023 – Athens DA Office forced to recuse itself after violating victim’s rights

05-25-2023 – Prosecutor’s office violates Georgia Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights

05-25-2023 – District Attorney controversy headed to Georgia Court of Appeals

05-22-2023 – DA Deborah Gonzalez issues Statement on Appeals Process

05-22-2023 – More problems for embattled DA’s office

05-11-2023 – DA pushes back on judge’s refusal to dismiss lawsuit

04-27-2023 – District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez discusses decreasing gang crime

03-09-2023 – District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez on State Oversight of Prosecutors

01-13-2023 – Prosecutor’s office is severely understaffed


06-28-2023 – District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez Answers Her Critics

06-21-2023 – Lawyer Promises More Revelations About Athens DA Deborah Gonzalez

05-03-2023 – DA Deborah Gonzalez and Rep. Houston Gaines Clash at Town Hall Meeting

03-22-2023 – Lawsuit Says District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez Isn’t Doing Her Job

03-13-2023 – District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez Faces Critics at Town Hall Meeting

Law 360

06-08-2023 – Embattled Ga. DA Accused Of Withholding, Deleting Docs

06-06-2023 – Ga. DA Apologizes For Violating Victim’s Rights, Recuses

05-30-2023 – Ga. DA Accused Of ‘Improper’ Confession To Judgment

05-15-2023 – Ga. DA Files Confession To Judgment In Job Performance Suit

05-09-2023 – Ga. DA Must Face Suit Challenging Her Job Performance

05-03-2023 – Ga. DA Must Face Suit Over ‘Dire’ Job Failure, Court Told

04-03-2023 – Embattled Ga. DA Seeks To Ax Suit Over Her Job Performance

Other Materials Online

03-01-24 – Georgia DA Deborah Gonzalez in Laken Riley murder case previously dismissed charges against a child rapist who a jury convicted in 45 minutes

05-25-2023 – Athens Political Nerd: Gonzalez: Backlash against DA’s office is unjustified, politically-motivated

03-08-2023 – District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez Hijacks Library promoted “Listening Session.” (video)

03-07-2023 – Oconee County Democrats Offer District Attorney Gonzalez Opportunity To Respond To Legislation Introduced In General Assembly

3-06-2023 – Mother of Hit-and-Run Victim Knox Whiten Recaps Experience with DA Office in Athens-Clarke County