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Numerous Cases Dismissed For Missed Deadline in Oconee County

In Georgia, the law requires prosecutors to initiate prosecution of misdemeanor offense within two years of the crime. The deadline for felonies varies based on the severity of the charge.

Our District Attorney was forced to dismiss over 10 cases because of her office’s failure to timely initiate prosecution activity.

State v. Krystal S. Wilson – Theft by Shoplifting

State v. Angela Celeste Fouche – Theft by Shoplifting and Deposit Account Fraud

State v. Avis Banita Clay – Theft by Shoplifting (x2)

State v. Dennis E. Hightower, III – DUI and Speeding

State v. Dustin Delgado – DUI, Driving While Licensee Suspended/Revoked, Hit and Run, Failure to Maintain Lane, and Expired Tag

State v. Irvin Chanz Wallace – DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane

State v. Kelton Bryan Christian – Violation of Family Violence Order

State v. Lashonda Sharay Johnson – DUI, Open Container, Failure to Maintain Lane

State v. Robyn Leigh Mcearchern – DUI, Distracted Driving, Failure to Maintain Lane

State v. Salvador Laguna – DUI, Driving Without Valid License

State v. Tacarus Maurice Favors – Theft by Shoplifting (x2)

State v. Ebony Nicole Clark – Theft by Taking and Simple Battery

State v. Mark Alan Frost – Theft by Shoplifting