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State v. James Edward Johnson

Mr. Johnson was charged with Robbery by Force related to an incident on April 18, 2022. As shown on the Indictment, Mr. Johnson was charged with pushing Mr. Robert Lockhart to the ground, putting weight on him, and driving his elbow in the back of Mr. Lockhart’s neck while stealing $40.00, cigarettes, and a lighter.

Although charged with Robbery by Force, our District Attorney’s Office reduced the charge to Theft by Taking and allowed Mr. Johnson to be released with three years probation.

Mr. Johnson was also charged with Aggravated Assault and False Improvement related to an incident with Jennifer Baum, a roommate, on July 28, 2022. According to the Indictment, it is alleged Mr. Johnson used his hands to grab Ms. Baum by the neck and squeezed her neck rending Ms. Baum unable to breath. He also allegedly struck her head against a wall during the incident. Additionally, Mr. Baum is accused of unlawfully confining and detaining Ms. Baum from leaving during the incident.

Our District Attorney’s Office dismissed the domestic violence case involving Ms. Baum with no penalty.

Where is our prosecutor? Why does she not support victim’s and protect our community?

Mr. Johnson was previously charged with an incident in June 2021 related to a convicted felon having a firearm. The District Attorney’s Office dismissed the case prior to indictment claiming they could not prove he knew about the gun in the ceiling at his home.

In April 2022, Mr. Johnson was charged with stealing three (3) motor vehicles from his brother Brian Jermaine Johnson. Mr. Johnson was given an unsecured judicial release order on July 20, 2022 just a few days before he assaulted Ms. Baum. The online records for Athens-Clarke County show no disposition for these charges.

Among other charges, Mr. Johnson was already a convicted felon of violating a Family Violence Protective Order, Criminal Trespass (reduced from Burglary), Possession of Cocaine, Theft by Taking, Criminal Trespass, and Harassing Phone Calls related to an incident in August 2017.

Does the District Attorney really feel Mr. Johnson is going to stop with his pattern of criminal conduct?