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Not Guilty – Alleged Serial Rapist


District Attorney Ms. Gonzalez lost another felony trial in the case of State of Georgia vs. David Ellis Ippisch. According to the various court records, Mr. Ippisch faced a charges of rape and kidnapping related to an incident that occurred on Nov. 25, 2019 in a bar owned by Mr. Ippisch. It is alleged that Mr. Ippisch got the victim intoxicated and then raped her behind the concert stage curtain while hundreds of other people were dancing and drinking. Mr. Ippisch did not deny the sexual encounter, but claimed the intoxicated alleged victim consented.

Despite there being several other young females who claimed Mr. Ippisch had raped them in a similar manner, the District Attorney’s office was unable to convince the trial judge to allow their testimony. As a result, the jury did not have the benefit of hearing the full story about Mr. Ippisch and his antics.

The case put forward by the District Attorney’s Office was so weak that the jury only took less than an hour to deliberate despite the trial having lasted a week.

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